Questions? Answers

Everyone has questions, here are answers to a few that are asked most often. If you’ve got a question we don’t get to below please feel free to contact us at or call us at 248-554-0842 (Toll Free: 800-346-4030) - we’ll do our best to answer them right away.

• How much notice you need?
Our standard reply is, “When someone tells you what’s going on, let your mover know. The mover is the last to know only because you are the second to last to know.” As much notice as possible!

• Can the “stuff” in my dressers stay?
Yes; clothes can stay in dresser drawers. Take breakables, spoilable, valuables, out. Many times a piece has to be stood on its side. If the idea of the contents of the drawers taking that kind of movement terrifies you; it is probably best you pack the drawers contents into cartons. Do NOT use the drawers as boxes, stuffing them full. Some people do…Don’t!

• Can you move everything?
Movers can not take your stamp collections, money, jewelry, coin collections. Those are best moved by you. Ask us how. Flammable, and explosives, and other items are not allowed. Aerosol spray cans, can’t go on the truck. Propane gas tanks. Nope… Gas cans. Nope. Speak with us if you have concerns.

• Do you move pianos?
Yes, we have experienced movers that will be able to load and unload your piano with care during the move.

• Do we have to have things taken apart?
We can take the mirrors off dressers and take beds apart. Anything we take apart we will reassemble upon arrival at your new location. We put things where you want in the room as you direct, and redirect, and direct. A couple of times is ok.

• Do the boxes have to have tops?
For the most part yes; and remember to tape the bottoms, and mark the contents. No you will not remember them all.

• Can you take my lamps, and shades?
Yes we can, but they do need to be boxed. Lamps, and shades do not load well around chairs, and pianos. You may elect to move them in your car. We can help place them. We also sell boxes.

• What about furniture in kit form?
If you brought it home in the car, spent a Saturday putting it together; Please take it apart. It may not fit out of the room. It is not very strong. The sawdust and glue holding it together is not designed to withstand moving. We will try to move it. We can’t be responsible.

• Do you move plants?
Plants, we are not responsible for, they freeze in the van. No to their container also. We will treat them with care and respect, and try to get them into your new home. You can yell if something happens, but we can’t pay you for the damage…. Some movers will not even try to move the plants.